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EMERs by Equipment Name.


   1. For a general background to the EMER numbering system, see "EMERs - A
 Valuable Resource" on this web site.
   2. In the EMERs below, "x" stands for the Part Number.
   3. This list is a compilation of those EMERs which would, today, have been
 included in the three sections,
      Telecommunications, Communications Installations and Test and Measurement.


  Equipment                                                             EMER
  12-Channel V.F. Telegraph Terminal Equipment, Type T12A               R33x

  Adaptor tel. radio low/high level                                     L54x

  Adaptor, Frequency range, No 1                                        K30x/1
  Adaptor, Teletype (U.S.) Teleprinter (British)                        S15x
  Admiralty Sender 5G (Modified)                                        D50x
  Aerial tuning unit 6 & 8                                              L30x
  AF amp 5W                                                             C45x
  Air/ground TV                                                         M55x
  Amp A.F 2W                                                            C40x
  Amp. RF No.9                                                          L36x
  Amplifier AF 2 watt Sealed Nos 1 (12V) & 2 (24V), Data Summary        C20x
  Amplifier Field Telephone No 1T                                       Q09x
  Amplifier IT No 1 (ZA0327)                                            Q08x
  Amplifier, 50W (Vortexion)                                            C15x/7
  Amplifier, Aerial, Wideband No 3                                      K59x/2
  Antenna group AS-2336                                                 L09x
  Apparatus, Carrier Telephone, 1 + 3, Type CS3/CP                      R18x
  Apparatus, Carrier Telephone, 12-Channel (Radio)                      R17x
  Apparatus, Loudspeaking, No 10                                        C15x/10
  Apparatus, Loudspeaking, No 2                                         C15x/3
  Apparatus, Loudspeaking, No 3 (Station Nos 1&2 ZB 1500/1/2)           C15x/4
  Apparatus, Loudspeaking, No 5 (ZB 10260)                              C15x/6
  Apparatus, Loudspeaking, No 9                                         C15x/9
  Attenuation Pads                                                      K19x
  Automatic Trunk Dialling Directory Translator                         U54x
  Balance & Bypass Filter Unit No 1                                     Q45x
  Balance & Bypass Filter Units 1 + 1                                   Q46x
  Battle batteries                                                      J26x
  Bid/160/10                                                            M52x
  Blocks, Terminal                                                      K05x
  Bruin-NATO system I/F                                                 L70x
  Burst coder equipment AN/GRA-71                                       L58x
  C42/45 radio                                                          H00x
  Calibrator, paper speed kit No.1                                      C65x
  Carrier FS Radio Link (Initial Type)                                  L72x
  Carrier Set, Telephone, 1+ 4, No 3                                    R19x
  Charging Sets, pedal-driven, 60W, No1, Mk1                            K13x
  Circuit breaker electronic                                            K58x
  Circuit Distribution Aids                                             U23x
  Clansman audio accessories                                            C74x
  Clansman battery charging equipment                                   K01x
  Clansman VHF antenna system                                           L21x
  Cold cathode tubes                                                    J29x
  Combining set HF                                                      M49x
  Computer Assisted Radio Relay Frequency Assignment System. (CARRFA)   U56x
  Concentrator, C.D., 5-Line (YA 2707)                                  U27x
  Control box No.2                                                      L67x
  Control Unit SR No 2, Mk 1                                            T10x/12
  Converter Signal Data                                                 U52x
  Converter Teleprinter                                                 S18x
  Converter Unit, DC/AC No 8                                            K25x/1
  Coupler antenna multichannel                                          L14x
  Creed relay No 27                                                     T28x/11

                                                (also J09x)
  Creed relay No.27                                                     J09x

                                        (also T28x)
  Crystal Calibrator For WS19 Canadian                                  YZ66x
  Detector Set SCR-625                                                  BY21x
  DF Receiver DFP4                                                      E83x
  Dials, Telephone, Automatic                                           U01x
  Digital Repeater                                                      Q12x/2
  Digital Repeater                                                      Q12x/1
  Drive and Monitor Rack FSK (used with wireless sender E11)            L51x
  Drive and Monitor Unit SSB No 1                                       K32x/1
  Drive and Monitor Unit SSB No 2 (E10)                                 K32x/2
  Drive/monitor rack ISB/DSB                                            L52x
  Drive/monitor SSB No.1                                                L41x
  Drive/monitor SSB No.2                                                L42x
  Equipment Table D.T.N. 2000                                           S16x
  Equipment, Signalling, Carrier-Shift, No 1 (YB05422)                  U23x/4
  Equipment, Telephone Signalling, Command Posts, SAGW, No.1, Mk.1
        and No. 2, Mk. 1                                                U05x
  Exchange, C.B., Multiple (W.D), Unit Type, N Positions                U17x
  Exchange, C.B., Multiple (W.D), Unit Type, N Positions                U20x
  Exchange, C.B., Multiple (W.D), Unit Type, N Positions                U18x
  Exchange, Field, 40 / 160 Line                                        U19x
  Exchange, Magneto (W.D.) Unit Type, N Positions                       U29x
  Exchange, Telephone, Automatic, 100/150 and 48/64 Line                U62x
  Exchange, Telephone, Automatic, 20-Lines                              U60x
  Exchange, Telephone, Automatic, 40-Line                               U61x
  Exchange, Telephone, Automatic, 45/55V, 2-Exchange, 7-Extension Lines U57x
  Exchange, Telephone, Central Battery, CB20                            U21x
  Facsimile Muirhead D900/901 AM/DJ                                     L49x
  Fax Muirhead D900/901-PD                                              L56x
  Filter, Balance & Bypass No 2A TE                                     Q47x
  Filter, Balance & Bypass No 2B                                        Q48x
  Filters, Line and Directional No 1                                    Q49x
  Frames, D and P, 10-Wire, Mk. 1* (YA 2728)                            U47x
  Frequency converter Racal RA 700                                      L43x
  Fullerphones, Mk. IV. IV*. V. and VI                                  S63x
  GEC min. relay heavy duty                                             J17x

                                        (also N52x)
  GEC Miniature Relay - Low loss, low capacity                          Q06x

  GEC Miniature Relay - Low loss, low capacity                          J16x

  GEC Miniature Relay Normal Type                                       Q05x

                                        (also J15x)
  GEC Miniature Relay Normal Type                                       J15x

                                        (also Q05x)
  GEC Miniature Relay-heavy-Duty Type                                   N52x

                                        (also J17x)
  Generator, Hand, 10W Mk II (WS48)                                     K12x
  High-Speed Telegraph Equipment                                        S42x
  Infra Red Detector Head                                               B45x
  Infra Red Detector, Vehicle                                           B46x
  Intercom. 6 way                                                       C43x
  Inverter 200VA                                                        K06x
  JB interconnection                                                    C42x

  K300 relays                                                           J04x
  K300 relays                                                           J03x
  K600 relays                                                           J02x
  Keyboard Perforator (P.O. Perforator No 44)                           S22x
  Keyboard Perforator 7P/N3                                             S26x
  Keyboard, Multiphone, A.D. 1594                                       U32x
  Keyboards, Multiphone, AD 569 and AD1316 (YA 4680 and YA 6346)        U31x
  Keying unit carrier FS No.2                                           L45x
  Keying unit FS No.1                                                   L44x
  Keying Unit, Carrier Frequency Shift, No 2 (ZA33600)                  K33x/2
  L/S No. 10                                                            C21x
  L/S No. 24                                                            C34x
  L/S No. 25                                                            C32x
  L/S No. 26                                                            C33x
  L/S No.UK/PIC-360                                                     C36x
  Loudspeakers                                                          J38x
  Magnetic tape recorders                                               C00x
  Management Information System (MIS), Bruin                            U55x
  Mast lightweight C & S SP48                                           L05x
  Mast lightweight C & S SPM45                                          L06x
  Mast telescopic 12 m T639                                             L01x
  Mast telescopic 27' No.1                                              L04x
  Mast telescopic Clarke 12m PU 12                                      L20x
  Mast telescopic pneumatic 70' Clarke                                  L07x
  Metal rectifiers                                                      J28x
  Microphone assemblies                                                 C70x
  Microphone elements                                                   J35x
  Microphone handpower No.1 or possibly 21                              J36x
  Microphone/receivers combined                                         C72x
  Miscellaneous DC Telegraph Machines                                   S00x
  Modulator & 3 tone generator AF 40S                                   F78x
  Modulator Unit No 20                                                  L46x
  Modulator Unit No 20                                                  K34x

  Monitor, Telegraph Distortion, 10- Circuits, No 1                     S17x
  Monitoring Bridge Type O.C. 12                                        S53x
  Morse Keyboard Perforator                                             S43x
  Morse Page Printer                                                    S46x
  Morse Reperforator                                                    S44x
  Morse Transmitter (Creed)                                             S48x
  Motor PM1A (24v)                                                      J23x
  Networks, Balancing and Testing No 1 and No 2                         Q07x
  Osc. Airmec 279                                                       H11x
  Osc. min. portable No.1                                               H14x
  Osc. Solartron CD1400                                                 H12x
  Oscillator rack 188-LR5-2JA                                           L50x
  Polarised relay Carpenter 3E(YA 8225)                                 J08x

                                        (also Q02x)
  Polarized Relay, Carpenter, Type 3E (YA8225)                          Q02x

  Power Supply Unit No 5 (WS18/68)                                      K03x
  Power Supply, Type 697 (National)                                     IY27x
  Printing Reperforator, 50/75 Bauds, Type PER 1/R                      S27x
  Printing Reperforators Nos. 1 and 2                                   S23x
  Privacy Equipment No. 1, Mks. I, I* and II                            U78x
  PSU + circuit breaker electronic                                      K60x
  PSU electronic full wave 0-40v                                        K62x
  PSU electronic full wave 24v DC                                       K72x
  PSU electronic fullwave 0-40v DC                                      K65x
  PSU No 5 Mk1 (ZA17134), Mk1* (ZA24767) & T (ZA25746) for WS18         K10x/1
  PSU SK 13684                                                          K36x
  PSU transistorised No.1 24v                                           K70x
  PSU variable CT397                                                    K34x
  Puller, Tape, No, 3                                                   S54x
  PYE Bantam HP1AM                                                      F85x
  Quartz crystals                                                       J27x
  Radio L470                                                            F88x
  Radio Mitre TR1007C                                                   F89x
  Radio tel. adaptor No.1 & 2                                           L57x
  Radio Terminal Set AN/TRC-3G&3H. Radio Relay Set AN/TRC-4G&4H         F82x
  RCA Transmitter ET-4331                                               DY60x
  RCA Transmitter ET-4750                                               DY63x
  Receiver adaptor FS No.C1                                             L47x
  Receiver Adaptor, Field, Carrier Frequency Shift                      K35x
  Receiver assemblies                                                   C71x
  Receiver elements                                                     J37x
  Reception Set AR-88 (Canadian Version)                                EZ76x
  Reception Set AR-88 (US Version)                                      GY62x
  Reception Set Canadian R103 Mk 1                                      EZ12x
  Reception Set Canadian R209                                           EZ84x
  Reception Set Canadian VRL                                            EZ79x
  Reception Set CR100                                                   E71x
  Reception Set DFG12 Mks 1, 2 and 3                                    E82x
  Reception Set DST100                                                  E70x
  Reception Set Eddystone 730/4                                         E74x

  Reception Set R100                                                    E18x
  Reception Set R102                                                    E11x
  Reception Set R103                                                    E12x
  Reception Set R103A                                                   E13x
  Reception Set R106 Mk I and Mk II (US Version)                        GY70x
  Reception Set R106 Mks 1 and 2                                        E16x

  Reception Set R107 (ZA3050)                                           E17x
  Reception Set R1100                                                   E52x
  Reception Set R1294                                                   E78x
  Reception Set R1395                                                   E79x

  Reception Set R201                                                    E21x
  Reception Set R206, Mk 1 & Power Supply Unit No 15                    E28x

                                                (was E23x)
  Reception Set R206, Mk 1 & Power Supply Unit No 15                    E23x

                                                (became E28x)
  Reception Set R206, Mk 2 & Power Supply Unit No 33                    E27x

                                                (was E24x)
  Reception Set R206, Mk 2 & Power Supply Unit No 33                    E24x

                                                (became E27x)
  Reception Set R208 (ZA10083)                                          E30x

                                        (was E25x)
  Reception Set R208 (ZA10083)                                          E25x

                                        (became E30x)
  Reception Set R209 Mk 1                                               E31x

                                        (also E26x)
  Reception Set R209 Mk 1                                               E26x

                                        (also E31x)
  Reception Set R209 Mk 2                                               E31x/2

                                        (also E27x)
  Reception Set R209 Mk.2                                               E27x

                                        (also E31x/2)
  Reception Set R209/2/B                                                E66x
  Reception Set R210                                                    E28x

                                        (became E32x)
  Reception Set R210 (under development)                                E32x

                                        (was E28x)
  Reception Set R211                                                    E61x

                                        (became E33x)
  Reception Set R211                                                    E33x

                                        (was E61x)
  Reception Set R212                                                    E30x

                                        (became E62x)
  Reception Set R212                                                    E64x

                                        (was E34x)
  Reception Set R212                                                    E34x

                                        (became E64x)
  Reception Set R213                                                    E32x
  Reception Set R216                                                    E38x

                                        (also E45x?)
  Reception Set R216                                                    E45x
  Reception Set R218                                                    E42x
  Reception Set R218 (under development)                                E40x

                                        (became E42x)
  Reception Set R219                                                    E44x

                                        (was E41x)
  Reception Set R219 (under development)                                E41x

                                        (became E44x)
  Reception Set R221                                                    E43x
  Reception Set R222 (under development)                                E50x
  Reception Set R230                                                    E58x
  Reception Set R231                                                    E59x
  Reception Set R234                                                    E61x
  Reception Set R235                                                    E62x
  Reception Set R301 / Mk 301                                           F68x

                                        (also E68x?)
  Reception Set R301 / Mk 301                                           E68x

                                        (also F68x?)
  Reception Set R308                                                    E40x

                                        (also E69x?)
  Reception Set R308                                                    E69x

                                        (also E40x?)
  Reception Set Racal RA329B                                            E79x

  Reception Set RC67                                                    E75x
  Reception Set RG35                                                    E81x
  Reception Set RS5E                                                    E16x
  Reception Set UHF Special                                             E76x
  Reception Set UK/TRR-328                                              E78x

  Reception Set, Broadcast BV-613                                       E74x
  Reception Set, National HRO                                           EZ13x
  Reception Sets AR88D & LF                                             E77x
  Reception Sets PCR Nos 1, 2 and 3                                     E84x
  Reception Sets Philco BP412 & BP413                                   E73x
  Reception Sets R109, 109A, 109B, 109C                                 E19x
  Record player, Goodsell                                               C60x
  Recorder reproducer 4.2 model LSP                                     C58x
  Recorder reproducer all types                                         C66x
  Recorder reproducer ET 1521                                           C57x
  Recorder reproducer, 640                                              C59x
  Recorder with playback, wire, No1                                     C42x
  Recorder/reproducer 731A                                              C61x
  Recorder/reproducer Philips EL 3302                                   C69x
  Recorder/reproducer RE301                                             C68x
  Recorder/reproducer REH 304                                           C67x
  Recorder/reproducer REH1                                              C66x

  Recording Bridge R.B. 150                                             S51x
  Recording Bridge R.B. 150/2                                           S52x
  Rejecter Unit No 1, Mks 1 & II                                        K53x/1
  Rejecter Unit No 2                                                    K53x/2
  Rejecter unit R47 & 48                                                L10x
  Rejecter unit VHF no.3                                                L11x
  Relay Unit No 12, Data Summary                                        K40x/7
  Relay unit No.12                                                      L63x
  Relays, Siemens high speed                                            J11x
  Remote Control Unit N                                                 L40x/6
  Remote Control Unit Nos 4, 6, 10 and Wireless Harness C  (WS53)       K40x/3
  Remote Control Units H, Nos 1 & 2                                     K40x/4
  Repeater Field Telephone No 1                                         Q10x
  Repeater Field Telephone No 1, Mk1 and Mk2                            Q11x
  Repeater Stabilised, 2-wire, No 3 (YB 01034)                          T57x/1
  Repeater Telephone, 2-circuit, No3(W)                                 Q03x
  Repeater Telephone, 8-circuit, MkII (YB/YA 3758)                      Q04x
  Repeater Telephone, two-circuit, 1W & 1G (YB/YA 3757)                 T51x/3
  Repeater, Carrier Telephone, (1+1), No 1                              Q35x
  Repeater, Carrier Telephone, (1+1), two-wire No 2                     Q36x
  Repeater, Carrier Telephone, No 1 Mk1                                 Q31x
  Repeater, Carrier Telephone, No 1 Mk2                                 Q32x
  Repeater, Carrier Telephone, No 3                                     Q34x
  Repeater, Ringing No 1 (YB 01029)                                     Q21x
  Repeater, Synchronous Regenerative                                    S78x
  Repeater, VF Telegraph No 1                                           Q37x
  Repeaters, Carrier Telephone, No 2T and No 2                          Q33x
  Reperforator, GNT., Model 451                                         S45x
  Reperforator, No. 7, TR, (W.D.), MK 3                                 S25x
  RF Amplifier Canadian WS19                                            KZ41x

                                        (was KZ31x)
  RF Amplifier Canadian WS19                                            KZ31x

                                        (became KZ41x)
  RF Amplifier No 2 (for WS19HP)                                        K31x
  Siemens miniature high speed relays                                   J12x
  Sine wave static converter transipack 606/ST/1250/B                   K08x
  Sine wave static converter transipack 606/ST/600M                     K07x

                                                (became K02x)
  Sine wave static converter transipack 606/ST/600M                     K02x

  Smoothing unit 22 with dummy load                                     K27x
  Smoothing unit No.19 & 20                                             K24x
  Special valves, handling                                              J24x
  Station Kit, Radio, Amplifier, RF No 7                                L39x
  Station Kit, Radio, Amplifier, RF No 9                                L39x
  Station Pye F100FM                                                    H40x
  Station Radio  B43/R220 Mks 1/1 & 3/1                                 G42x/1
  Station Radio  B43/R220+R220/R220 Mk 2                                G43x
  Station Radio  Mk.121 & 122                                           F76x
  Station Radio  R220/R220 Mk 2                                         E42x/1
  Station Radio 119B / Mk 119                                           F75x
  Station Radio 128 / Mk 128                                            F74x
  Station Radio 128B                                                    F71x
  Station Radio A13                                                     F14x

  Station Radio A14                                                     F16x

  Station Radio A40                                                     F40x

  Station Radio A41 No.1 & 2                                            F48x

  Station Radio A42 No.1 & 2                                            F50x
  Station Radio A43R                                                    F53x
  Station Radio A510                                                    F56x
  Station radio AN/PRC-47                                               G30x
  Station Radio B44 Mk 2                                                G47x
  Station Radio B44 Mk 3                                                G48x
  Station Radio B45                                                     G51x
  Station Radio B47                                                     G53x
  Station Radio B48                                                     G55x
  Station Radio B70 (under development)                                 G70x
  Station Radio BCC HF156                                               F19x
  Station Radio C/PRC-26                                                F54x
  Station Radio C12                                                     H14x

  Station Radio C13                                                     H16x
  Station Radio C14                                                     H18x
  Station Radio C15 (VC102)                                             H20x
  Station Radio C41/R222 & C41/R222, MK 1/1                             H42x
  Station Radio C42 No.1                                                H44x
  Station Radio C42 No.2                                                H52x
  Station Radio C42 No.3                                                H43x
  Station Radio C43                                                     H46x
  Station Radio C44 Mk 1                                                H48x
  Station Radio C44 Mk 2                                                H49x
  Station Radio C45 (under development)                                 H45x
  Station Radio C45 No.1                                                H50x

                                        (became H51)
  Station Radio C45 No.1                                                H51x

                                        (was H50x)
  Station Radio C45 No.3                                                H53x
  Station Radio C50/R236                                                H58x
  Station Radio C70                                                     H70x
  Station Radio D11/R234/R234                                           I06x
  Station Radio F20 UK/PRC-392 PYE 2FMB                                 F84x
  Station Radio F60FM (static)                                          H38x
  Station Radio LL46U                                                   F79x
  Station Radio Pye F10FM (fixed)                                       G40x

  Station Radio Pye PF2UB                                               F82x
  Station Radio Pye U450L                                               F83x
  Station Radio Pye Westminster W30AM                                   G35x
  Station Radio Storno CQP 813 C2X8                                     F94x
  Station Radio Storno CQP 833 C2X8                                     F93x
  Station Radio Storno CQP 863 C2X8                                     F92x
  Station Radio UK/FRC-390 (Storno CQF 630 series)                      H66x
  Station Radio UK/GRC-391(Storno CQP600)                               F66x
  Station Radio UK/PRC-316 (A16)                                        F20x

  Station Radio UK/PRC-350                                              F57x

  Station Radio UK/PRC-398                                              F87x
  Station Radio UK/VRC-321                                              H59x
  Station Radio UK/VRC-391 (Storno CQM 630 Series)                      H67x
  Summary aerial tuning units                                           L00x
  Supply unit rectifier (R106)                                          K16x
  Supply Unit Rectifier No 23 and engineering channel amplifier         K22x/12
  Supply Unit Rectifier No 27 (under development)                       K33x

                                                (became K22x/13)
  Supply Unit Rectifier No 27 (under development)                       K22x/13
  Supply Unit Rectifier No 27 (under development)                       K22x/15

  Supply Unit Rectifier No 4 (ZB0012)                                   T28x/10

  Supply unit rectifier No.13                                           K22x
  Supply unit rectifier No.4(ZB0012)                                    K18x
  Supply Unit Vibratory No 12, 24V input (ZA43207)                      K17x/5
  Supply Unit Vibratory No 2                                            K17x/2
  Supply Unit, Rectifier No 1 Canadian                                  KZ22x/1
  Supply Unit, Rectifier No 13 and smoothing unit No 1                  K22x/1
  Supply Unit, Rectifier No 7                                           K29x/1
  Supply Unit, rectifier, No 1 (ZB6639) (R101)                          K22x/4
  Supply Unit, Rectifier, No 19 (YA8087) & smoothing unit No 2 (YA8088) K22x/8
  Supply Unit, Rectifier, No 22 & Dummy Load                            K22x/11
  Supply Unit, Rectifier, No 4 (ZB0012)                                 K28x/10

  Supply Unit, Rectifier, No 5 (ZB0179)                                 K22x/5
  Supply Unit, Rectifier, No 8 (ZB0327) (DST100 Rx)                     K22x/6
  Switchboard, A.T., 3796 and 10 + 50 over 65 (YA 3778)                 U12x
  Switchboard, C.B., 873 and 5 + 20 over 25 (YA 6257)                   U13x
  Switchboard, C.B., 935, 1 + 3 over 4                                  U14x
  Switchboard, C.B., 935, 2 + 4 over 6                                  U15x
  Switchboard, C.B.935, 3 + 7 over12 and 3 + 9 over 12 (YA 6147)        U16x
  Switchboard, Command, 200-Line (YA.2238)                              U28x
  Switchboard, F and F                                                  U30x
  Switchboard, Magneto, 10-Line (W.D.)                                  U04x
  Switchboard, Magneto, 10-Line, W.D.                                   T30x
  Switchboard, Manual 12-Line, Magneto                                  U06x
  Switchboard, Telephone, Manual, 16-Line, Unit Level                   U08x
  Switchboard, Telephone, Manual, 25-Line, Magneto                      U07x
  Switchboard, Telephone, Manual, 3 Exchange, 9 Extension Lines         U24x
  Switchboard, Telephone, Manual, 5-Exchange, 4-Magneto 16-C.B.
        Extension Lines                                                 U22x
  Switchboard, Teleprinter 15 Line, Mk 1 (YB 02616 and 40-Line
        , Mk. 1 (YB 02617)
  Switchboard, U.C., 6- and 10-Line                                     U03x
  Synthesiser freq. set                                                 L55x
  Tape Reader, Telegraph, Group 2                                       S33x
  Tape Winder No. 3                                                     S55x
  TAVR Battalion master station                                         H36x
  TAVR Company master station                                           H37x
  Telegraph Automatic Routing in the Field. (TARIF)                     U53x
  Telegraph Relays 299AN & 320AN                                        N54x

  Telegraph relays 299AN/320AN                                          J07x

                                        (also N64x)
  Telegraph Terminal, V.F. Equipment, Marconi Type H5000/H5001
        (2 and 6 Channel)
  Telephone 332 CB                                                      U74x
  Telephone loudspeaker                                                 C03x
  Telephone Set (Plan 8)                                                U81x
  Telephone Set 706 BPO (MOD)                                           U80x
  Telephone Set D, Mk. V (YA 1853)                                      U68x
  Telephone Set F, HP                                                   Q06x
  Telephone Set F, Mks. 1, 1*, 2                                        T10x

                                        (became U60x)
  Telephone Set F, Mks. 1, 1*, 2                                        U69x

                                        (was T10x))
  Telephone Set F,HP                                                    T58x/4
  Telephone Set H, Mk. II (YA 2782)                                     U70x
  Telephone Set H, Mk. III                                              U71x
  Telephone Set J                                                       U72x
  Telephone Set L (YA 3717)                                             U73x
  Telephone Set, Flash Spotting                                         U75x
  Telephone Set, Three Telephones, One Wall Control Unit                U82x
  Telephone Terminal Equipment No. 1                                    U33x
  Telephone type (AO) relays                                            J02x
  Telephone, Loudspeaking, LOU 1                                        C04x
  Telephone, Loudspeaking, No 1 (YA2796)                                C11x/3
  Telephone, Loudspeaking, No 2 (YA2803)                                C11x/1
  Telephone, Loudspeaking, No 2 Canadian                                CZ12x
  Telephone, Loudspeaking, No 4 (YA4930)                                C11x/5
  Telephone, Loudspeaking, No 5 (YA5296)                                C11x/2
  Telephones, Tracker, No. 2                                            U77x
  Teleprinter 7B, (W.D.), All Marks                                     S02x
  Teleprinter Monitor Unit                                              U44x
  Teleprinter Receiving Reperforator                                    S24x
  Teleprinter Systems                                                   S01x
  Teleprinter T.100R                                                    S03x
  Teleprinter T100R MK 2 and T100/ R, LL                                S04x
  Teleprinter Terminal Unit, (80 + 80)                                  S14x
  Teleprinter Terminal Unit, MK.1V                                      S13x
  Teleprinter, Auto-Transmitter                                         S32x
  Teleprinter, Terminal Unit, MK. 111                                   S12x
  Terminal blocks                                                       J30x
  Terminal Set Telegraph Net                                            R35x
  Terminal Set Voice Net                                                R20x
  Terminal, Telegraph, V.F., 4/12 Channel                               R32x
  Test Frames, 20-Pair, Mk. II and 40-Pair, Mk. 1 (20PR. YA2770, 40PR.
        YA 2877)                                                        U48x
  Test Message Sender (TMG 10A)                                         S34x
  Trainer, Radar, A.A. No. 15 ??                                        S16x
  Trainer, Radar, A.A., Nos 10 and 10A ??                               S14x
  Training Set, Universal, Wireless, No 1                               B20x
  TRC42/TBR47 with Larkspur variables                                   D79x
  Typewriter, Telegraph, No 98                                          S20x
  UK/VID-581                                                            B50x

  Undulator, U.G. 6A, No. 3 (YB02446)                                   S50x
  Uniselectors GPO standard                                             J20x
  Unit Operator No 2                                                    L66x

                                        (also K36x/2, L36x/2)
  Unit Operator No 2                                                    K36x/2

                                        (also L36x/2, L66x)
  Unit Operator No 2                                                    L36x/2

                                        (also K36x/2, L66x)
  Unit Supervisor No 1                                                  L65x

                                        (also K36x/1)
  Unit Supervisor No 1                                                  K36x/1

                                        (also L65x)
  Unit, Amplifying, No. 23A-(YA 3419), No. 23B-(YA4847)
        , No.. 23D-(YA 6460)                                            U50x
  Unit, Signalling VF 5-Channel                                         Q23x
  Unit, Signalling VF No 3 Mks II & III                                 Q20x
  VHF Larkspur                                                          L69x
  Vibrator DC 123S                                                      M30x
  Vibrator PSU No.12 12v                                                K10x
  Vibrator PSU No.12 24v                                                K14x
  Vibrator PSU No.12 24v Mk.2                                           K15x
  Vibrator PSU Type SC-999-E and -F (WS58 Cdn)                          K20x
  Vibrators                                                             J25x
  Vibratory Power Supply MI-8319 (AR-88 Rx)                             IY212-2
  Vibratory Power Supply, Type 686-S (National)                         IY21x
  Wheatstone Transmitter (Elliott)                                      S47x
  Wheatstone Transmitter G.N.T., Model 112                              S49x
  Wire Recorder Model 50 (Type 13-A-3D)                                 C41x
  Wireless Harness Type A                                               L77x
  Wireless Harness Type B                                               L78x
  Wireless Remote Control Unit No 1 Canadian                            K71x

  Wireless Remote Control Unit No 1 Canadian                            KZ40x

  Wireless Sender AD67D                                                 D70x
  Wireless Sender C11                                                   D12x
  Wireless Sender C11(SSB)                                              D11x

  Wireless Sender C41                                                   D40x
  Wireless Sender D11                                                   D13x
  Wireless Sender D13                                                   D16x
  Wireless Sender E10                                                   I54x
  Wireless Sender E10/WS15                                              J10x
  Wireless Sender E11                                                   I59x
  Wireless Sender E12                                                   I61x
  Wireless Sender Marconi SWB8E                                         D74x
  Wireless Sender No 12 (ZA3244)                                        D14x
  Wireless Sender No 53                                                 D36x
  Wireless Sender SWB11E                                                D75x
  Wireless Sender SWB11E Modified for SSB working                       D81x
  Wireless Set Burndept, BE201                                          F73x
  Wireless Set Canadian No 19 Mk II                                     FZ25x/2
  Wireless Set Canadian No 19 Mk III                                    FZ25x/3
  Wireless Set Canadian No 19, Canadian                                 FZ25x
  Wireless Set Canadian no 29                                           FZ35x

                                        (also F33xA)
  Wireless Set Canadian no 29                                           F33x

                                        A (also FZ35x)
  Wireless Set Canadian No 52                                           FZ48x
  Wireless Set Canadian No 52                                           F52x
  Wireless Set Canadian No 58                                           FZ70x
  Wireless Set Canadian No 9 Canadian                                   FZ15x
  Wireless Set CN348, Data Summary                                      F72x
  Wireless Set No 1                                                     F10x
  Wireless Set No 10                                                    F16x

  Wireless Set No 11                                                    F17x
  Wireless Set No 12 HP, Data Summary                                   D15x
  Wireless Set No 14                                                    F20x
  Wireless Set No 16 Mks 1 and 1*                                       D17x
  Wireless Set No 17                                                    F23x
  Wireless Set No 18 Mks I, II & III                                    F24x
  Wireless Set No 19                                                    F25x
  Wireless Set No 19 Mk II                                              F25x

                                        /2 (became F26x)
  Wireless Set No 19 Mk II (US Version)                                 JY11x/2
  Wireless Set No 19 Mk III                                             F25x

                                        /3 (became F27x)
  Wireless Set No 19 Mk III                                             F27x

                                        (was F25x/3) ?
  Wireless Set No 19, Mk II                                             F26x

                                        (was F25x/2)
  Wireless Set No 2                                                     F11x
  Wireless Set No 21                                                    F27x

  Wireless Set No 22                                                    F31x

                                        (became F28x)
  Wireless Set No 22 (ZA11694)                                          F28x

                                        (was F31x)
  Wireless Set No 23                                                    F21x
  Wireless Set No 26                                                    F32x
  Wireless Set No 27                                                    F33x
  Wireless Set No 28                                                    F34x
  Wireless Set No 31 AFV                                                F37x

  Wireless Set No 31 Mk 1                                               F36x
  Wireless Set No 31 Mk 2                                               F38x
  Wireless Set No 32D                                                   F37x
  Wireless Set No 33                                                    D26x
  Wireless Set No 36                                                    D29x
  Wireless Set No 37                                                    F40x
  Wireless Set No 38 AFV                                                F41x/2
  Wireless Set No 38 Mk III                                             F41x/3
  Wireless Set No 38 Mks I, II and II*                                  F41x/1
  Wireless Set No 42                                                    F45x
  Wireless Set No 43 Canadian                                           DZ36x
  Wireless Set No 43 Mk II Canadian                                     DZ36x/2
  Wireless Set No 46 (ZA11622)                                          F46x
  Wireless Set No 48                                                    F48x
  Wireless Set No 48 (US Version)                                       JY10x
  Wireless Set No 49 / Station Radio C40/B40                            G40x
  Wireless Set No 5                                                     D10x
  Wireless Set No 57                                                    F63x

                                        (was F50x)
  Wireless Set No 57                                                    F50x

                                        (became F63x)
  Wireless Set No 5HP                                                   D11x
  Wireless Set No 62                                                    F51x

                                        (was F64x)
  Wireless Set No 62 Mk.1&2                                             F64x

                                        (became F51x)
  Wireless Set No 63                                                    F66x
  Wireless Set No 63                                                    L70x

                                        (was F66x)
  Wireless Set No 68                                                    F67x

                                        (became F55x)
  Wireless Set No 68P, R & T,                                           F55x

                                        (was F67x)
  Wireless Set No 7                                                     F13x
  Wireless Set No 76 (ZA18974)                                          D45x
  Wireless Set No 78                                                    F60x
  Wireless Set No 8                                                     F14x
  Wireless Set No 86 / Station Radio C41                                H41x
  Wireless Set No 88                                                    F57x

  Wireless Set No 88                                                    F69x

  Wireless Set No 88                                                    F65x

  Wireless Set No 88, Type A, AFV                                       F72x

                                        (was F66x))
  Wireless Set No 88, Type A, AFV                                       F66x

                                        (became F72x)
  Wireless Set No 9                                                     F15x
  Wireless Set SPF Mk II (Naval WS19 variant)                           B50x

Communications Installations

  Equipment                                                             EMER

  4x4 ACV Installation ET4332B+WS19                                     M11x/1
  4x4 ACV Installation WS19+WS19HP                                      M10x/1
  6x6 ACV Installation WS19+WS19HP                                      M10x/2
  6x6 ACV Installation WS53+WS19                                        M11x/2
  Abbott comms .175mm gun M107                                          D33x
  ATU command in 3 ton truck                                            L31x
  Basic Larkspur control harness A/Saracen                              K35x
  Basic Larkspur control harness B in FV 721 Fox                        J70x
  Basic Larkspur harness in Scorpion                                    E02x
  BID/150 Installations                                                 A10x
  Clansman Antenna Installations                                        C85x
  DF Station, DFG24/4                                                   L83x
  DF Station, DFP5                                                      R16x
  DF Station, DFP5                                                      L84x
  DF Station, Mobile, BC No 1                                           L81x/1
  DF Station, Mobile, BC No 2                                           L81x/2
  DF Station, Transportable, Adcock No 1                                L80x/1
  DF Station, Transportable, Adcock No 3 and 3T                         L80x/3
  EMER cancellation J 102,4,7                                           J10x
  Equipment currently unknown                                           E21x
  Equipment currently unknown                                           E26x
  Equipment currently unknown                                           E29x
  Equipment currently unknown                                           E25x
  Equipment currently unknown                                           E28x
  Equipment currently unknown                                           E24x
  Generator set 2000 3 phase silent                                     C44x
  Installation of Commercial Radio Equipments in vehicles               B61x
  Larkspur II radio control harness B                                   H23x
  Lorry Installation HP BC610+WS19, WS12HP+ WS19                        L31x/1
  Lorry Installation LP WS19+WS19HP                                     L30x/1
  Lorry Installation, 3 ton 4x4 Wireless HP Types D, E                  L31x/3
  Lorry Installation, 3 ton 4x4 Wireless HP Types G, H, J of WS12HP
        , WS33, WS53                                                    L26x/4
  Misc Inst No 3 Clansman Secure Speech harness                         D70x

  Power set supply rectifier 24v                                        K59x
  Power set supply rectifier12/24v                                      K56x
  PSU Transistor No.1 24v                                               K70x
  Radio C42/B47 24v in vehicles                                         M38x
  Radio Station, Truck Mounted, R Type B Mk 2                           Q51x
  Radio UK/VRC Pye W15 on vehicle                                       M04x
  SR in truck 1 ton halftrack conversion WS19HP+WS19
        to C45/C11-R210/R209                                            H57x
  Station radio 105mm howitzer M109                                     D34x
  Station radio AVRE C42/B47                                            C71x
  Station Radio B43/R220 in Car, Light                                  M45x
  Station Radio C11/210 in car                                          M10x
  Station Radio C11/C13/R210/C42 in Saracen                             K29x
  Station Radio C11/R10 in Saracen                                      K24x
  Station Radio C11/R210 or C42/R210                                    M43x
  Station Radio C11/R210/C42 in Saracen                                 K28x
  Station Radio C11-R210/C42/C45/BE201/R209
        in Truck 3 ton GS Signals Mk 2                                  Q20x
  Station Radio C11-R210/C45/R209 in Saracen Mk 2, ACP, RA, Adjutant

  Station Radio C11-R210/C45/R209 in Saracen Mk 2, ACP, RA, CPO and ACPO

  Station Radio C11-R210/C45/R209 in Truck 1 ton 4x4 Humber, armoured   J16x
  Station Radio C12,13,42 in Ferret                                     K65x
  Station Radio C13 in Saracen                                          K21x
  Station Radio C13/B47 in Ferret                                       K63x
  Station Radio C13/B47 in Saracen                                      K19x
  Station Radio C13/C42 in Saracen                                      K30x
  Station Radio C13/C42/C45 in Centurion ARV Mk.2                       C52x
  Station Radio C13/HP/C42 in Saracen                                   K27x
  Station Radio C13HP/C11/C42 in Saracen                                K33x
  Station Radio C13HP/C42 in Saracen                                    K32x
  Station Radio C42 in Saracen                                          K20x
  Station Radio C42/A41/A43 in ferret                                   K66x
  Station Radio C42/B47 in Centurion Mk.3 & 5                           C21x
  Station Radio C42/B47 in Saracen Mk.1 & 2                             K22x
  Station Radio C42/C13/B47 in Centurion Mk.5                           C22x
  Station Radio C42/C45 in Saracen                                      K31x
  Station Radio C45 24v in car                                          M42x
  Station Radio C45/B48 ACP, RA, Saracen Mk.2                           K52x
  Station Radio C45/C45/B48/R209 in Saracen Mk 2, ACP, RA               K53x
  Station Radio C45/C45/R209 Mk 2 in Truck 1 ton GS FFR Austin 4x4
        Mks I and II                                                    N18x
  Station Radio C45/C45/R209 Mk 2 in Truck 3 ton GS Cargo Bedford RL
        (Btty Cmd Post, RA)                                             P10x
  Station Radio C45/C48/B48 radio in Centurion Mk.5                     C19x

  Station Radio C50 in Carrier, Communication, Full-tracked             Q65x
  Station Radio C50 in Transportable Container, Terminal Relay Station  Q64x
  Station Radio C50 Trailer mounted                                     Q62x
  Station Radio C70 or C41/R222 in Transporatable Container             Q67x
  Station radio Chieftain Command tank                                  D73x
  Station radio Chieftain control tank                                  D72x
  Station radio Chieftain gun tank                                      D71x
  Station radio Chieftain Operator tank                                 D70x
  Station Radio D11 (x3) in Transportable Container on Truck 3 ton GS   Q29x
  Station Radio D11/230 (or R234) in air-portable container             Q12x
  Station Radio D11/R230 (or R234) in 1 ton Truck                       Q11x
  Station radio D11/R230 in 1 ton Truck                                 I04x
  Station radio D11/R234 in 1 ton Truck                                 I05x
  Station Radio D11/R234 in Transportable Container on Truck 3 ton GS   Q28x
  Station Radio D13/R234 in air-portable containers                     Q23x
  Station radio FV 604 Saracen                                          K01x
  Station radio FV604 battery conversion                                K02x
  Station Radio R234 (x4) in Transporatable Container (TAVR)            Q24x
  Station Radio R234 (x4) in Transportable Container on Truck 3 ton GS  Q30x
  Technical handbook for TARE in the Field                              F26x
  Telegraph Relay Station, Semi-Automatic, 10, 15 or 22 Lines           R60x
  Truck 1-Ton, G.S. Radio, Light, MK 2, Signal Centre, Light            R40x
  Truck 3 ton GS Wireless R Type A                                      L35x/1
  Truck 3 ton GS Wireless R Type B                                      L35x/2
  Truck 3-Ton, G.S. Signals, MK 2, Signal Centre, Medium                R41x
  Unknown Title                                                         C20x

  W15 in 1 ton truck                                                    J31x
  Wireless Set No 38AFV Installation in Centurion Mk 5 OP Tank          C19x
  Wireless Set No 53 in Truck 3 ton GS Command HP                       Q42x
  Wireless Set No 53-R209 in Truck 3 ton GS Wireless HP                 Q13x
  Wireless Set No 53-R209 MkII in Truck 1 ton GS Mk II                  Q16x
  Wireless Set No 53-R209/C11-R210 in Truck 1 ton GS Signals Mk 2       Q19x
  Wireless Set No 88AFV Installation in Centurion Mk 3 or 5             C20x
  Wireless station Saladin Mk.2                                         K40x

Test and Meansurement

  Equipment                                                             EMER

  "Q" Meter                                                             Y26x
  1-1000c/s calibrator                                                  D01x
  Adaptor test set CT579                                                M37x

                                        (also N03x)
  Adaptor test set CT579                                                N03x

                                        (also M37x)
  Adaptor test set SR C70                                               M41x
  Adaptor test unit                                                     M04x

                                        (also M27x)
  Adaptor test unit                                                     M27x

                                        (also M04x)
  Adaptor unit                                                          N04x
  Aerials, Dummy, Nos. 2 and 3                                          Y72x
  Amp. wideband unit BPC type WA1157                                    N05x
  Amplifier Pulse No. 1                                                 Y20x
  Amplifier, Wide Band, BPL Type WA 1157                                Y45x
  Analyser, Spectrum, H.F. 3 to 30 Mc/s (Marconi Inst. OA1094)          Y34x
  Apparatus Drying Tels Equipment                                       X56x/1
  Apparatus, Seal Testing                                               X55x/1
  ATE Clansman/Larkspur                                                 M39x
  Attenuator fixed 5825-99-592-6544                                     L66x
  Attenuator tapped CF No.1 Mk.3&4                                      L64x
  Attenuator variable 122db,60 ohm+F24                                  L62x
  Attenuator Variable RF No 5                                           X70x

                                        (also L65x, X73x)
  Attenuator Variable RF No 5                                           L65x

                                        (also X70x, X73x)
  Attenuator Variable RF No 5                                           X73x

                                        (also L65x, X70x)
  Attenuator Variable, CT421                                            Z74x
  Attenuators High Voltage Equipment CT 117                             Y21x
  Attenuators, Tapped, C.F., No 1, Mk 3 and Mk 4                        X75x
  AVO 12 Heavy duty                                                     B01x
  AVO heavy duty 18 range                                               B08x
  AVO heavy duty 8s,28 range                                            B09x
  AVO multiminor Mk.2 & 4                                               B03x
  Bridge Evershed & Vignolles V3220                                     I11x
  Bridge Impedance No.1                                                 I05x
  Bridge Impedance No.3                                                 I08x
  Bridge Meggers                                                        W66x

                                        (also I03x)
  Bridge Meggers                                                        I03x

                                        (also W66x)
  Bridge reflection coefficient                                         I12x
  Bridge set universal CT 530                                           I01x
  Bridge Universal CT 35                                                I06x
  Bridge, Impedance, No. 5                                              Y40x

                                        (also W54x)
  Bridge, Impedance, No. 5                                              W54x

                                        (also Y40x)
  Bridge, Test, Avo, No. 1                                              W46x
  Bridge, Test, Avo, No. 2                                              W47x
  Bridge, Universal, CT 375                                             W49x
  Bridges, Capacitance, Electrolytic, No. 2                             W60x
  Bridges, Impedance, No. 1                                             W52x

                                        (became Y40x?)
  Bridges, Impedance, No. 1, Mks. 1, 1*, 2 and 3                        Y40x

  C41/R222 test kit                                                     M20x
  Cages screened transportable No.2                                     M54x

                                        (also N31x)
  Cages screened transportable No.2                                     N31x

                                        (also M54x)
  Cages screening portable No.2                                         M31x
  Calibrator DC 123S                                                    M30x
  Calibrator O/P Sig. Gen No.3                                          F28x
  Calibrator O/P Sig. Gen No.6                                          F30x
  Calibrator O/P Sig.Gen.No.1                                           F27x
  Calibrator O/P Sig.Gen.No.5                                           F29x
  Calibrator Set, Attenuator, CT93                                      Z58x
  Calibrator, Crystal, No. 10                                           Z64x

                                        (also J42x)
  Calibrator, Crystal, No. 10                                           J42x

                                        (also Z64x)
  Calibrator, Crystal, No. 5 Mk.1                                       Z61x
  Calibrator, Crystal, No. 6, Mk. 3                                     Z62x
  Calibrator, Crystal, No. 7                                            Z63x

                                        (also D03x)
  Calibrator, Crystal, No. 7                                            D03x

                                        (also Z63x)
  Calibrator, Crystal, Set                                              Z65x
  Calibrator, Frequency, CT432 Set                                      Z61x

  Calibrator, Output, Signal Generator, No. 1                           Z53x
  Calibrator, Output, Signal Generator, No. 3                           Z54x
  Calibrator, Output, Signal Generator, No. 5                           Z56x
  Calibrator, Output, Signal Generator, No. 6                           Z57x
  Circuit breaker electronic                                            M08x
  Clansman harness inst. Test system                                    M67x
  Counter CT463                                                         Z22x

                                        (also D31x, F75x)
  Counter CT463                                                         F75x

                                        (also 031x, Z22x)
  Counter CT463                                                         D31x

                                        (also F75x, Z22x)
  Crystal Test Set, Type AM 193                                         J41x

                                        (also Z68x)
  Crystal Test Set, Type AM 193                                         Z68x

                                        (also J41x)
  Curve tracer transistor CT71                                          J03x
  db conversion tables                                                  L63x
  DB meter portable No.3                                                L40x
  DB meter portable No.4                                                L41x
  Decade Air Condenser, 1100UUF                                         Y85x
  Decibel Meter, Portable, No 4                                         X14x
  Decibel Meter, Portable, No. 3                                        X07x

                                        (also X02x)
  Decibel Meter, Portable, No. 3                                        X02x

                                        (also X07x)
  Dummy aerials No.2 & 3                                                L84x
  Dummy load 36Kw                                                       E20x
  Dummy Load for Wireless Set No. 31                                    Y73x
  Dummy Load for Wireless Set No. 88                                    Y74x
  Dummy Load, WS31                                                      Y37x

                                        (also X71x/2)
  Dummy Load, WS31 and possibly WS88 (also X71x)                        X71x

  Electrometer Pitman 43337                                             B63x
  Equipment unknown                                                     E23x
  Filter unit mains No.11                                               N09x
  Fluxmeter No. 1 (WY 0023)                                             W75x

                                        (also M38)
  Fluxmeter No. 1 (WY0023)                                              M38x

                                        (also W75)
  Freq. Counter CT576A                                                  D33x
  Freq. measuring Schomandl LFD1                                        D60x
  Freq. Standard CT437                                                  D69x
  Frequency Measuring Eqipment, Schomandl FD1FDM1                       Z27x
  Frequency meter SCR-211                                               D64x

                                        (also Z25x)
  Frequency Meter SCR-211                                               Z25x

                                        (also D64x)
  Frequency Meter SCR-211-M.R. and T.                                   Y61x
  Generator noise X band                                                F60x
  Generator, Set, Double Pulse, CT434A                                  Z66x
  Generator, Signal, Set TF 1168                                        Z49x
  Generator, Signal, TF1370                                             Z75x
  HF Spectrum analyser 1094A/S                                          H40x
  HP Voltmeter set electronic 419A                                      B58x
  Impedance bridge No.1 Mk.1,1*,2,3                                     B55x
  Instrument, Testing, Avometer, Heavy Duty, 18 Range                   W12x
  Instrument, Testing, Avometer, Model 8S, 28 Range                     W09x
  Instrument, Testing, Electronic, Multi-Range, No. 1                   W22x
  Instruments, Testing, Avometer, Universal, 46-Range Mks 1 and 1/1
        , 50-Range Mks 1 and 2 and No 7 Panclimatic

  Kits testing suppression No.1                                         L83x
  Kits vehicle/manpack testing                                          M15x
  Level meter Siemens 3D344A2A                                          L46x
  LF O/P amp ALF120                                                     F84x
  Locator, Cable Fault, Pulse Operated, No. 1                           X41x
  Locator, Line and Cable Fault, No. 1                                  X39x
  Margin tester                                                         L06x
  Material Quality Assessment principles and Practices                  E69x
  Material Quality Assessment principles and Practices                  E46x

                                                (renumbered E69x)
  Measuring Set, Crosstalk, No. 1                                       X80x
  Measuring Set, High Resistance, No. 1                                 W39x
  Measuring Set, Insertion Loss, Frequency Selective, No. 1             X11x

                                                (renumbered X12x)
  Measuring Set, Insertion Loss, Frequency Selective, No. 1             X12x
  Megohmeter, Set, Ranges 5-150V 0-300Mohm                              W26x
  Meter Q Resonator Cavity S and X Band No 1                            Y30x
  Meter set modulation CT452                                            H52x
  Meter set modulation TF2300S                                          H50x
  Meter, Circuit Magnification, No.1                                    Y50x

                                        (also Y25x)
  Meter, Circuit Magnification, No.1                                    Y25x

                                        (also Y50x)
  Meter, R.F., Radiation Power, CT477                                   Y51x
  Meters, Output Power, Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 5                              Y52x
  Microphone/receiver test set No.4                                     J60x
  MM CT 471,471C                                                        B28x
  MM CT 498A & CT 498(Avo SX)                                           B02x
  MM electronic CT 569 & 569A                                           B26x
  Modulator Marconi TF 1102                                             N01x
  Modulator, Amplitude, Marconi Type TF 1105                            Y24x
  Monitor, Telegraph, Distortion 10-Circuits, No.1                      X83x
  Multimeter digital 1041M                                              B75x
  Multimeter Set, Avo, Model 9SX                                        W10x
  Oscillator modulator unit Siemens                                     F77x
  Oscillator OS2200A                                                    H20x
  Oscillator test No.2                                                  F15x
  Oscillator ULF Dawe 445A                                              F80x
  Oscillator wide- range Siemens 3W221A2A                               F70x
  Oscillator, Alignment, Crystal Filter, No. 1                          X67x
  Oscillator, Avo, No. 1                                                Z30x
  Oscillator, Frequency Swept, XT501                                    Z37x
  Oscillator, Test, No. 1                                               Z34x

                                        (also Z15x)
  Oscillator, Test, No. 1                                               Z15x/1

                                        (also Z34x)
  Oscillator, Test, No. 2                                               Z35x

                                        (also Z15x)
  Oscillator, Test, No. 2                                               Z15x/2

                                        (also Z35x)
  Oscillators, Beat Frequency                                           Z11x

                                        (renumbered Z70x)
  Oscillators, Beat Frequency                                           Z70x
  Oscillators, Video, No.2 and No.3                                     F74x

                                        (also Z76x)
  Oscillators, Video, No.2 and No.3                                     Z76x

                                        (also F74x)
  Oscillograph sel SE2000/12                                            H05x
  Oscillographs, Cathode Ray, No. 1, Mks. 1, 1* and 2                   Y80x/1

                                                (was Y04x)
  Oscillographs, Cathode Ray, No. 1, Mks. 1, 1* and 2                   Y04x

                                                (became Y80x/1)
  Oscilloscope Alignment, VHF, TF1104                                   Y09x
  Oscilloscope Cossor 4100A                                             H24x
  Oscilloscope CT250A/52                                                H23x
  Oscilloscope CT436                                                    Y08x
  Oscilloscope CT436/13A                                                H07x

                                        (also H08x)
  Oscilloscope CT436/13A                                                H08x

                                        (also H07x)
  Oscilloscope CT531                                                    H01x
  Oscilloscope CT536                                                    Y10x
  Oscilloscope CT536A                                                   H18x
  Oscilloscope CT538                                                    H03x
  Oscilloscope Tetronix D755                                            H25x
  Oscilloscope, High Speed                                              Y19x

                                        (also Y81x)
  Oscilloscope, High Speed                                              Y81x

                                        (also Y19x)
  Oscilloscope, Miniature, Portable, No.1                               Y12x

                                        (also Y82x)
  Oscilloscope, Miniature, Portable, No.1                               Y82x

                                        (also Y12x)
  Oscilloscope, Type 13A                                                Y80x/4

                                        (also Y05x)
  Oscilloscope, Type 13A                                                Y05x

                                        (also Y80x/4)
  Oscilloscope, Type BC 1060A                                           Y16x
  Oscilloscope, Type BC 1660 (or BC 1060A)                              Y80x

  Oscilloscope, Type CT 386A                                            H15x

                                        (also Y06x)
  Oscilloscope, Type CT 386A                                            Y06x

                                        (also H15x)
  PS elec. full wave 0-40v                                              M02x
  PS rectifier 40V 50A                                                  M09x
  PS rectifier type                                                     M07x
  PS Solartron AS 1165                                                  M06x
  PSU & breaker electronic                                              M01x
  Pulse amplifier No.1                                                  H09x
  Racal 9522 counter                                                    D35x
  Receiver, Ratio Tracing, Technical Handbook, Data Summary             Z85x
  Reforming Unit, Electrolytic Capacitor, No 1                          W61x
  Seal testing                                                          M63x
  Signal Generator 2 tone CT604                                         F81x
  Signal Generator AM/FM Marconi TF1066B/6S                             F25x

  Signal Generator CT394B                                               F09x
  Signal Generator CT452A                                               F04x
  Signal Generator CT481                                                Z50x
  Signal Generator CT500                                                F51x
  Signal Generator CT561/3                                              F34x
  Signal Generator CT572/2 & Marconi TF2002                             F01x
  Signal Generator FF1168                                               F22x
  Signal Generator Marconi TF1060/3S                                    F08x
  Signal Generator Muirhead D890                                        F76x
  Signal Generator No. 1, Mks.1 2 and 2*                                Z38x
  Signal Generator No. 10                                               F26x

                                        (also Z43x)
  Signal Generator No. 10                                               Z43x

                                        (also F26x)
  Signal Generator No. 12                                               Z44x
  Signal Generator No. 12 & 12/2                                        F17x
  Signal Generator No. 13                                               Z45x
  Signal Generator No. 15                                               Z47x
  Signal Generator No. 16                                               F20x

                                        (also Z48x)
  Signal Generator No. 16                                               Z48x

                                        (also F20x)
  Signal Generator No. 18                                               F24x

                                        (also Z46x)
  Signal Generator No. 18                                               Z46x

                                        (also Z42x)
  Signal Generator No. 2                                                Z39x
  Signal Generator No. 5 Mk.1                                           F25x

  Signal Generator No. 5 Mks, 2/3 and 3                                 Z40x
  Signal Generator No. 5, 6A, 6B, 6C, and 6D                            Z41x
  Signal Generator No. 8                                                F06x

                                        (also Z42x)
  Signal Generator No. 8                                                Z42x

                                        (also F06x)
  Signal Generator TF1370/1370A                                         F13x
  Signal Generator TF2002B                                              F02x
  Signal Generator Wayne Kerr S501                                      F79x
  Signal Generator, Portable, Avo, No. 1                                Z10x

                                        (also Z31x)
  Signal Generator, Portable, Avo, No. 1                                Z31x

                                        (also Z10x)
  Signal Generator, Portable, Avo, No. 2                                Z32x
  Signal Generator, Set, FM/AM (TF 995A/S)                              Z52x
  Signal Generator, Video Frequency, No. 1                              F75x

                                        (also Z72x)
  Signal Generator, Video Frequency, No. 1                              Z72x

                                        (also F75x)
  Simulator, Transmitter/Receiver, Radio (ZD 04642)                     X50x
  Solartron 1240                                                        B20x
  Solartron VP250, Technical Handbook, Data Summary                     W79x
  Spectrum analyser TF2330/2330A                                        H42x
  SR D11/13 R330/4 test kit                                             M21x
  Stopclock, Millisecond, Type TSA 1014/ABC                             Z20x

                                        (also M49x)
  Stopclock, Millisecond, Type TSA 1014/ABC                             M49x

                                        (also Z20x)
  STT gear Clansman                                                     M72x
  Synthesiser CT 562/111                                                F32x
  Synthesiser FSD 120S & M                                              F31x
  Test instrument electronic Nr.1                                       B29x
  Test kit Abbot comm. system                                           M14x
  Test kit Amp. RF No 12 Mk.1&2                                         M32x
  Test kit Pye                                                          M51x
  Test kit radio 678-P1                                                 M34x
  Test kit radio 678Z-1                                                 M35x
  Test kit radio A40/1/2                                                M16x
  Test kit radio A43R                                                   M19x
  Test kit radio B70                                                    Y75x
  Test kit radio SR A13                                                 M18x
  Test kit radio SR A14                                                 M31x

                                        (also M33x?)
  Test kit radio SR A14                                                 M33x

                                        (also M31x?)
  Test kit radio SR A70                                                 M22x
  Test kit radio SR C50/R236                                            M23x
  Test kit radio SR C70                                                 M40x
  Test kit radio SRA 13                                                 M30x

  Test kit radio UK/PRC-318                                             M36x
  Test kit radio UK/RT-321                                              M47x
  Test kit wireless inst. F.T.1                                         M25x
  Test Oscillator Airmec 254                                            F72x
  Test Oscillator CT 365                                                Z77x

                                        (also F71x)
  Test Oscillator CT 365                                                F71x

                                        (also Z77x)
  Test rig /controller No.1&2                                           M38x
  Test rig vehicle radio                                                M17x
  Test set adaptor telegraph radio low/high                             M48x
  Test set cable                                                        L20x
  Test Set Continuity, Wireless Control Harness Equipment               X51x

                                                (also I45x)
  Test Set Continuity, Wireless Control Harness Equipment               I45x

                                                (also X51x)
  Test Set Crystal No. 330                                              Z69x
  Test set deviation FM No.3                                            H51x
  Test Set Deviation, F.M., No. 1                                       Z81x
  Test Set Deviation, F.M., No. 1A                                      Z82x
  Test Set Deviation, FM, No. 3                                         Z84x
  Test Set Deviation, No. 2                                             Y63x/3
  Test Set Deviation, No. 2                                             Z83x
  Test set F.T.2                                                        M26x
  Test Set Frequency and Power, SHF No. 1                               Y78x
  Test Set I - 56                                                       Z80x
  Test set Insulation 40KV CT 91                                        W34x

                                        (also I44x)
  Test set Insulation 40KV CT 91                                        I44x

                                        (also W34x)
  Test set Insulation Airmec 251                                        I33x
  Test Set Line No. 1                                                   X84x

                                        (also L24x)
  Test Set Line No. 1                                                   L24x

                                        (also X84x)
  Test Set Line No. 2                                                   X85x
  Test Set Microphone and Receiver, No. 3                               X59x
  Test set modulation 409, 409.2                                        H55x
  Test set modulation Airmec 210                                        H54x
  Test set pulse pattern                                                F54x
  Test set radio amp. R.F No.7                                          M29x
  Test set RF power                                                     E41x
  Test set safety CT 582/3                                              I41x
  Test set sound ranging No.2                                           M28x
  Test set suppression No.3                                             L83x

                                        (also X48x)
  Test set suppression No.3                                             X48x

                                        (also L83x)
  Test set telegraph adaptor TM430                                      M43x
  Test Set Telegraph, Distortion and Margin No.1                        L01x

  Test Set Telegraph, Distortion and Margin No.1                        X26x

  Test Set Telegraph, Distortion and Margin No.2.                       L02x

  Test Set Telegraph, Distortion and Margin No.2.                       X23x

                                                (renumbered X24x?)
  Test Set Telegraph, Distortion and Margin No.2.                       X24x

  Test Set Telegraph, TF 1167                                           X27x
  Test Set Transistor, CT 446                                           Y80x

                                        (also J02x)
  Test Set Transistor, CT 446                                           J02x

                                        (also Y80x)
  Test set UK/PRC-316                                                   M42x
  Tester automatic exchange relay set                                   J10x
  Tester Insulation IT30,CT 587/3                                       I46x
  Tester, Bonding, Type B                                               W72x
  Tester, Relay and Distortion Measurement,                             X22x
  Tester, Resistance, Earth, No. 1                                      W69x
  Tester, Transmission Measuring Set, No. 1 & 2                         L42x
  Tester, Transmission Measuring Set, No. 1, Mk.2                       X03x
  Tester, Transmission Measuring Set, No. 3                             X05x
  Tester, Transmission Measuring Set, No. 8                             X08x

                                        (also L43x)
  Tester, Transmission Measuring Set, No. 8                             L43x

                                        (also X08x)
  Tester, Transmission Measuring Set, No. 9                             X09x
  Testers, Insulation                                                   W25x
  Testers, Valve, Avo                                                   Y81x

  TF 1417A Frequency counter                                            D30x
  The Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope                                          Y02x
  V.M set Marconi TF 2600 & TF 2600/S                                   B59x
  V/M digital CT 470                                                    B71x
  V/M digital Solartron LM 1619                                         B73x
  V/M RMS HP 3400A                                                      B65x
  V/M set CT88,CT89                                                     B60x
  V/M set electronic Marconi TF 2603                                    B62x
  VDM Fairey type A                                                     B51x
  Voltmeter, Electronic, CT527                                          Y46x
  Voltmeter, Portable, A.C./D.C., 0-15, 0-30V R.M.S.
        , Thermocouple, No. 1                                           W03x
  Voltmeter, Valve, 150V, No. 1                                         Y39x
  Voltmeter, Valve, No. 2, Mks. 1 and 1/1                               Y40x
  Voltmeter, Valve, No. 3                                               Y11x

                                        (also Y42x?)
  Voltmeter, Valve, No. 3                                               Y42x

                                        (also Y11x?)
  VVM general                                                           B00x
  VVM No.3                                                              B56x
  Wattmeter absorption SHF No.1                                         E43x
  Wattmeter, Absorption, 10/500mW                                       Y63x
  Wattmeter, Absorption, A. F., No. 1                                   Y57x
  Wattmeter, Absorption, CT 417                                         Y59x
  Wattmeter, Absorption, CT 419                                         Y61x

  Wattmeter, Absorption, CT330 and Calibrator, Voltage, CT              Y64x
  Wattmeter, Absorption, H.F., No. 2                                    Y62x
  Wattmeter, Absorption, R.F., CT401                                    Y60x
  Wattmeter, Absorption, S.H.F., No. 1                                  Y67x
  Wattmeter, Absorption, TF1020A/4M1 and TF1020A/5M1                    Y65x
  Wavemeter, Class D No. 1                                              Z17x

                                        (became Y61x)
  Wavemeter, Class D No. 1, Mks 2 and 2/1                               Y61x

                                        (was Z17x)
  Wavemeter, Class D No. 2                                              Y61x
  Wavemeter, Class D No. 2                                              Z18x
  Wavemeter, Class D No. 2                                              D66x
  Wavemeter, No. 1                                                      Z02x
  Wavemeter, No. 11                                                     Z12x
  Wavemeter, No. 2                                                      Z03x

  Wavemeter, No. 4, Mk. 1                                               Z03x

  Wavemeter, No. 4, Mks. 1 and 2                                        Z08x
  Wavemeter, No.4 Mk.1                                                  D67x
  Wavemeter, Nos. 5, 6, 8                                               D68x

                                        (also Z09x)
  Wavemeter, Nos. 5, 6, 8                                               Z09x

                                        (also D68x)
  Wavemeter, S.H.F., 4550-4855Mc/s                                      Y79x
  Wavemeter, Standard, No. 2                                            Z21x

                                        (also D65x)
  Wavemeter, Standard, No. 2                                            D65x

                                        (also Z21x)
  Wavemeter, Type WM 16/1                                               Z11x

                                        (also D63x)
  Wavemeter, Type WM 16/1                                               D63x

                                        (also Z11x)
  Wee megger                                                            I42x
  Wobbulator CT 501                                                     I80x